How It Works

Our goal is to make the scheduling process simple and streamlined. Below is an example of the scheduling process. Dr. Brown is always available by phone for specific case preparation questions. Non-referral internal medicine questions are welcome by phone or e-mail.
  1. Contact Dr. Brown by phone to determine a day and time for the procedure. Time slots are available on a first come, first serve basis, although an emergency slot is reserved each day if needed. Appointments are available Monday through Friday and are subject to availability on the weekends.
  2. Owners should be prepared for the specific procedure. For example, if an abdominal ultrasound is to be performed, clipping the hair of abdomen is necessary. Procedures that involve anesthesia may be prepared based on specific hospital protocols.
  3. On the day of the procedure, the patient may be dropped off at your clinic. Due to unpredictable variables, it is best to have the patient in the clinic an hour before the procedure. Procedure times are lengthy to ensure adequate time to address complicated issues, should they be present.
  4. Patient preparation may be necessary prior to arrival. Hair clipping, intravenous catheters, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, etc may be performed earlier in the day.
  5. Brown will require an assistant for ultrasound. Anesthetic procedures will require an anesthetic nurse. All procedural equipment (i.e., ultrasound, Tru-cut biopsy needles, etc) will be provided by VetScan.
  6. The attending doctor is not required to be present during the procedure, however Dr. Brown will discuss the findings with the attending doctor prior to leaving. An ultrasound request form may be completed if face-to-face communication is not possible (see link). Ultrasound reports are generated prior to the end of the appointment. Medicine consults are generated within 24 hours, although thorough discussion of the recommendations will take place at the time of the appointment.